Alaska Car Insurance


Alaska has breathtaking landscapes that scenic day drives are a must. Driving through Anchorage and Fairbanks, you will have amazing views of Mt. McKinley, glaciers, small towns, and wild animals. Imagine sudden turn of events when you are asked to pull over, but you didn’t bring your proof of car insurance with you.

Alaska is strict in enforcing its Mandatory Insurance Laws and Regulations except in areas that are too remote that vehicle registration is not mandatory. Failure to comply may result in confiscation of your vehicle and suspension of your driver’s license. If you want to learn more about Alaska’s required car insurance coverage, factors that can influence rates, among other facts, read on.

Alaska Car Insurance Requirements

Below are the minimum amounts as per the Mandatory Insurance Law:

Bodily Injury or death: $50,000 per person

Property Damage Liability: $25,000 per accident

Bodily Injury liability when multiple people are hurt: $100,000 per accident

Your insurance company is required to include an uninsured motorist coverage in your policy. If you decline to buy this policy, you must provide your insurance provider with a written waiver. Or, set higher limits for your uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage up to $1M-$2M.

Areas where Vehicle Registration isn’t Mandatory

Carrying proof of liability insurance may not be also be required in these areas:

  • Adak
  • Afognak
  • Elfin Cove
  • Edna Bay
  • Lake Minchumina
  • Port Bailey
  • Portlock
  • Marshall
  • Mary’s Igloo
  • Fortuna Ledge
  • Little Diomede
  • Mountain Village
  • St. George Island
  • Attu
  • Amchitka
  • English Bay
  • Hooper Bay
  • New Stuyahok
  • Sheldon Point
  • Seal Bay
  • Sanak
  • Venetie
  • Wales
  • White Moutain

Visit this site to read the complete list compiled by the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation.

Optional Car Insurance in Alaska

Alaska is an “at-fault” state. If you are found guilty of reckless driving, you must pay for the damages, losses, and injuries people sustained from the crash. You may also be required to pay for their medical bills, lost future earnings due to the disabling injuries, car towing fees, and even repairs on the vehicles.

Your liability insurance may not be adequate to cover all of your financial obligations. If you have any of these optional insurance coverages, your insurance provider may be able to help you pay for those liabilities:

  • Comprehensive
  • Underinsured motorists
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Collision
  • Medical payments

Factors affecting Alaska Car Insurance Rates

In Alaska, your car insurance premiums may be based on your;

Age – Teens and young adults (18 and 21) have high risk exposure.

Driving history – The more car accidents you’ve been involved to may mean higher premiums.

Geographical location – Do you stay in an area prone to car accidents?

Car maker/model – High-risk vehicles like sports cars may incur a higher premium.

*Credit history – Do you have a low credit score? Then you may be at financial risk.

Discounts – Discuss with your agent about the actual discounts you may avail.

*Confirm with your insurance company if they really consider credit score as a factor in calculating your insurance premiums.

Alaska Car Insurance Discounts

Want to save money on your car insurance purchase? You can! Discounts may be available in the categories below. Check out the requirements for each discount category;

Accident-free discount – No chargeable accident in the last 3 years. (State Farm only)

Good student – Appropriate for B or higher high school and college students.

Multiple vehicles – 2 or more vehicles

Passive restraint – For drivers whose cars are equipped with factory-installed air bags.

Vehicle safety – For drivers whose cars are installed with anti-theft and safety devices.

Defensive driving course – This course must be taken voluntarily within the last 3 years.

Driver training – For drivers aged under 21 years old who have completed the driving course successfully.

Alaska Car Insurance Quick Facts

Proof of car insurance coverage – Be it on a printed paper or digital ID card, an Alaskan traffic enforcer will accept your proof of insurance, if ever you get caught. Otherwise, the officer may suspend your driver’s license and your vehicle could be impounded. You might also have to pay for the suspended license fees anywhere between $20 and $500, depending on your violation.

On Auto Insurance Fraud –Call Alaska’s Division of Insurance hotline at (800) 867-8725, if your auto insurance provider is;

  • Dishonest about property damage
  • Staging car crash incidents
  • Lying about injuries

Alaska Automobile Insurance Plan - If your application with a private insurance provider didn’t get approved, you can turn to the Alaska Automobile Insurance Plan to help you find an insurer who could get you the right auto insurance policy.

10 Most stolen cars in 2013 – Because your car maker and model is a factor in determining your insurance premiums, so find out below if it is included in these 10 most stolen cars in Alaska:

  • Full size Chevrolet Pickup
  • Full size Ford Pickup
  • Full size Dodge Pickup
  • Honda Accord
  • Ford Explorer
  • Full size GMC Pickup
  • Honda Civic
  • Ford Taurus
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Small size Ford Pickup

Teen driver lawsDoes your 14 year old son or daughter want to learn how to drive? Then he/she must apply for a learner’s permit in Alaska. This permit is good for 6 months only and he/she must complete 40 hours of driving supervised by a qualified driver. At 18, he/she can obtain a probationary license, during which he/she isn’t allowed to drive with passengers under the age of 21 and between 1AM and 5AM.