Connecticut Car Insurance


Do you want to be known as a hardened criminal? Well, perhaps that is a stretch of the imagination, but you’re certainly breaking a law if you are driving around the state of Connecticut without the state required car insurance coverage. You see, law in the state says that every driver must carry these minimum amounts of insurance coverage at all times. Some people look at it as a big inconvenience, but in reality it is just another way of looking out for you and your safety.

Connecticut Car Insurance Requirements

State required insurance is the minimum amount of coverage you much purchase in order to be considered driving legally in the state. The state minimum coverage you must carry include:

  • $20,000/$40,000 Bodily Injury coverage
  • $10,000 Property Damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage $20,000/ $40,000 per accident

Optional Car Insurance in Connecticut

Optional insurance coverage is also available and could be to your advantage. Collision and comprehensive are two of the most popular optional coverages available. Not all vehicles will benefit from this protection, however, so make sure that you speak to an insurance agent to learn whether or not it will benefit you.

Other optional insurance policies offered throughout the state include those for rental car coverage and emergency road side assistance.

Factors Affecting Connecticut Car Insurance Rates 

You’re probably wondering why your rates are so much different than Sally and Sam’s rates, and the answer is simple: car insurance isn’t cut and dry. There are many factors influencing your rate. What works for Sam and Sally might not work for you, or it could be that you find the better deal. Some of the car insurance rate factors include:

  • The coverage that you choose. Obviously the lowest price is found with the purchase of the minimum state required coverage. Adding optional policies will cause an increase, as will an increase in coverage amounts.
  • If you are 27 years of age or younger expect to pay more than your peers for auto insurance coverage. People who fall into this age bracket are responsible for the largest number of auto accidents, thus causing an increase in policy premiums.
  • Are you married? If so, you’ll pay less than a single person. Attended college? Again you will pay less. Men also pay less than women pay for their coverage.
  • Do you have a good driving record? Even one infraction on your record could signal a significant increase in the cost of your insurance policy.
  • What type of vehicle are you insuring? Vehicle type affects premium payment, but contrary to popular belief, the color of the car has no affect.
  • What Connecticut city do you reside? This will affect your insurance costs.

As you can see, there are many factors influencing insurance costs, and this is only a small portion of those factors.

Connecticut Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurance discounts can drastically cut the costs of your policy and make it less difficult to pay those premiums. There are a number of discounts available to drivers in the state.

  • Drivers who are 60 or older may receive a nice discount for completion of a safe driving course.
  • Student discounts can be earned by those who are enrolled in an educational institution and are under the age of 25. Discounts are earned by students who have a 3.0 grade point average or better.
  • A passive restraint discount may be earned by drivers with a vehicle made in 1993 or before if an air bag or other safety restraints are added to the car.
  • Students who have traveled to school more than 100 miles also qualify for a discount on car insurance.

In addition to these state-specific discounts, look for discounts offered by individual insurance providers. Specifically, you might want to ask about these discounts for:

  • Safe driving
  • Being a loyal customer
  • Combining home, auto, renters, etc. insurance policies
  • Choosing an alternative payment plan

Connecticut Car Insurance Quick Facts

Rates for car insurance in larger cities such as Hartford is more than twice the price of a policy in a smaller city or town. Average car insurance rates in the state: $2,019 per year. The factors listed above all affect whether your rate will be lower, the same or more than this average price. Make sure that proof of insurance is kept inside of your vehicle at all times. This can be an ID card offered by your insurance company. If you are having a hard time finding car insurance due to being a high-risk driver (approximately 10% of all Connecticut drivers are uninsured, many because of this fact) you can always contact the state of Connecticut for help.