Delaware Car Insurance


With no sales tax in place and as home to 64% of the U.S.’s Fortune 500 companies, Delaware knows how to keep its residents smiling. They also know how to keep their residents safe and protected while venturing down the Delaware highways and byways. To minimize the financial burden often experienced after a car accident, and to keep drivers safe on the roads, Delaware car insurance is not only available to drivers in the state, but also required by law. Drivers who choose not to carry the required insurance are committing a crime and can face a number of penalties.

Delaware Car Insurance Requirements

No matter which city or town you reside, the same auto insurance requirements are in place. Your auto insurance policy must include, at a minimum, these insurance amounts in order to comply with the laws of the state. Your state required policy should contain the following:

  • $15,000 Bodily Injury protection for one injury with a maximum of $30,000 for all injuries sustained in the accident
  • $10,000 Property Damage coverage.

State required policies also require that you carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) with a minimum of $15,000 for one person and a maximum of $30,000 for all injuries involved in the accident.

Optional Car Insurance in Delaware

While these are optional, you may wish to consider:

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage*
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist protection
  • Rental car insurance.

*It is important to note that while the state does not require collision and comprehensive coverage to be carried, you may be required to purchase this coverage by your financing company. This is typically a rule for financing a new vehicle. Otherwise it is best to speak to an insurance agent to learn if these policies are beneficial for your car insurance needs.

Factors Affecting Delaware Car Insurance Rates

There are numerous factors that influence the cost of your car insurance. All car insurance companies use these various factors to determine your accident risk and trustworthiness. The less risk you pose for the insurance company, the less you will pay to purchase a policy.

Some of the factors that impact the cost of your Delaware car insurance:

Your age (drivers under 27 pay more for coverage,) your marital status (married people pay less,) and your educational background all influence the amount that you will spend for your coverage.

Where do you live in Delaware? Your answer may impact your rate.

Your credit score is another factor influencing your car insurance rates. The better your score, the better your car insurance rates tend to be.

Previous insurance history also plays a part in your rates. If you have allowed your policies to lapse (with any company) in the past, you might be penalized and could pay more for your car insurance.

The type of car being insured is also a factor in car insurance rates. If you are trying to insure a luxury automobile or a sports car, prepare to spend quite a bit more for your insurance. Family cars are usually the least expensive to insure.

These are only a handful of the factors which influence the rates you will pay for auto insurance coverage. If you find that rates vary greatly from company to company, it is the result of these factors causing those price fluctuations. 

Delaware Car Insurance Discounts

Staying safe comes at a cost of a monthly auto insurance premium. However, there are discounts available that can help minimize that payment. Inquire of any and all available discounts to keep your insurance costs low. Potential discounts you may qualify for include:

  • Discounts for safety devices
  • Good driver discounts
  • Anti-Theft Device discounts
  • Defensive driving course discounts

Delaware Car Insurance Quick Facts

If you are found to be driving without car insurance in place there are penalties. A first offense is subject to a fine of $1,500 while second and subsequent offenses are subject to fines of $3,000 and suspension of driving privileges. It will also be much more difficult to find insurance after this, since auto insurance companies have the option of denying coverage to those they feel to be a high risk carrier. 

Electronic Proof of Insurance

Should you not have proof of insurance in your vehicle, it can be obtained through the state’s electronic database. It is essential that your insurance agency report this information to the state and keep the information up-to-date.