Idaho Car Insurance


Whether you are growing potatoes or an outdoorsman who is always enjoying the mass of hiking, biking, kayaking and more, you are not in compliance with the laws set forth regarding car insurance if you are not carrying the state-minimum policies at all times. Liability coverage is required in the state. However, this coverage pays only for damages caused to the other party involved in an accident. Idaho has many other policy which can be purchased to provide yourself protection. These policies are optional, but very much worth evaluating to learn if they are beneficial to you.

Idaho Car Insurance Requirements 

In Idaho you must carry liability insurance coverage with minimum amounts in place. Although you can purchase additional amounts of coverages, as well as different types of coverage, you must have the minimum amounts to stay in compliance with the laws. Your policy should include:

  • Bodily Injury: $25,000/person/ $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage: $15,000

Optional Car Insurance in Idaho

You can also add the following types of optional auto insurance coverage to your policy.

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Med Pay
  • Rental Car coverage
  • Towing coverage

Factors affecting Idaho Car Insurance Rates

Most people are shocked that rates can vary so much from person to person, but it is true! There are numerous factors that are combined together to determine the amount of your auto insurance rates. Those factors include:

  • Age and Gender
  • Educational Background
  • Type of vehicle being insured
  • Driving History
  • Insurance history
  • Amount of Coverage selected
  • Deductible Amounts
  • Idaho Car Insurance Facts

Idaho Car Insurance Discounts

In the state of Idaho you can lessen the cost of your car insurance policy by taking advantage of one or more of the awesome discounts offered by the state. Those discounts can help you save anywhere from 5 to 40%. Discounts include:

  • Multi-Policy discounts
  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Safe Driver discounts
  • Alternative Fuel discount
  • Anti-Theft device discount
  • Paid-in-Full discount

It is essential to always inquire of any and all available discounts when selecting an insurance policy. It only makes sense to save money.

Idaho Car Insurance Quick Facts

Whether you are driving a Chevrolet pickup truck or a Honda Civic, it is vital that you have proper auto insurance in place. These are two of the most commonly stolen vehicles in the state. If you elect not to carry the minimum amounts of auto insurance required, there are penalties for the decision.  A fine of $75 is in place for a first-time violation of the auto insurance law; subsequent offenses can result in fines of up to $1,000. You might also be required to carry SR-22 insurance coverage. This coverage costs more than traditional insurance, and can be difficult to find.  In addition, the state of Idaho may place you behind bars for refusing to comply with the auto insurance requirements in the state. You may be sentenced to a period of up to six-months in jail for this offense.

Drivers who are considered high-risk drivers often find it difficult to obtain insurance. Should this be your situation, help is available through the Idaho Automobile Insurance Plan. A licensed insurance agent is able to provide more information about such a plan.

Proof of insurance must be carried inside of your vehicle at all times. It must be presented when requested to any law enforcement officer and after you have been involved in an automobile accident.

The average annual rate for auto insurance in the state is $1,242 per year. Your rates may be higher or lower than this amount based upon the factors we have listed above. To ensure that you always receive the lowest rates, compare first, and be sure to keep a clean driving record!