Kansas Car Insurance


Kansas is rich in history and culture, with small towns and big city living combined for the best of both worlds. All drivers in the state of Kansas must provide insurance on their vehicle if they want to be in compliance with state laws. While many people feel auto insurance to be nothing more than an added bill to pay each month, insurance coverage is very beneficial and ensures that financial woes do not devastate you after an accident. It is this reason that liability insurance must be carried on your vehicle.

Kansas Car Insurance Requirements 

Liability insurance coverage is required to be carried at all times by all drivers. This coverage pays for damages (personal and property) for the other party involved in an automobile accident, reducing your liability. If you want coverage that protects you as well, it is also available, but not required. The following policy must be carried in order to comply with the state law:

  • $25,000/ $50,000 Bodily Injury coverage
  • $10,000 Property Damage coverage
  • $15,000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection)
  • $25,000 Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist

Optional Car Insurance in Kansas 

Although the above policies are not optional, the following are. It is a good idea to take a look at the optional insurance coverage that is available. Optional insurance coverage types includes:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Rental Car

An insurance agent can discuss these policies with you and help you learn whether or not they are beneficial for your needs.

Factors Affecting Kansas Car Insurance

There are many factors which determine the amount you will pay for your auto insurance coverage. It is for this reason that comparing is always recommended. Among the factors influencing your cost:

  • Age – Drivers under the age of 27 will spend a bit more for their coverage due to their higher accident rates.
  • Gender – Typically men spend less to insure their vehicles.
  • Education – If you are college educated it is likely that your rates will be less.
  • Marital Status –Are you married? If so expect lower car insurance rates.
  • Type of Vehicle –Insuring a sports car will cost much more than insuring a compact car. You will also pay more if you have one of the commonly stolen vehicles, including a Chevrolet pickup and the Honda Accord.
  • Amount of Coverage –Will you purchase only the state-required coverage or more? This will affect your rates as well.
  • Where you live – Residents in bigger cities like Kansas City will spend more for their policy than individuals who live in smaller cities and towns.

Kansas Car Insurance Discounts

To reduce the cost of your auto insurance policy you can enjoy nice discounts if you are willing to ask for them. Potential discounts that you might qualify for include:

  • Multi-Car discount
  • Multi-Policy discount
  • Anti-Theft Device discount
  • Good Driver discounts
  • Good Student discounts

These are only some of the discounts that you might be able to use to reduce the costs of your auto insurance. Don’t be shy, and always ask for discounts when searching for car insurance.

Kansas Car Insurance Quick Facts

It is a crime to drive without car insurance in Kansas, and there are penalties if you break this law. The current penalty for driving without car insurance is suspension of your driving privileges.

If you are considered to be a high risk driver it can be difficult to find an insurance company that is willing to work with you. If this is your situation you can Kansas Automobile Insurance Plan for help.

Average cost of auto insurance in Kansas is more than the national average at $1,809 annually. The factors listed above are all used to determine whether you will spend more or less for the cost of your auto insurance. It is a good idea to obey all rules of the road and to compare before purchasing a policy so that you will get the best possible rates possible.