Maine Car Insurance


Author Stephen King calls Maine his home state. Matter of fact, he was born and raised there. Reading one of King’s books will certainly send creep factor chills up your spine, but those same feelings come when you aren’t driving with Maine car insurance. State law requires that all drivers in the state carry minimum amounts of liability coverage at all times. It is a crime to drive without the coverage, but if you choose to break the law, there will be penalties.

Maine Car Insurance Requirements

The following amounts of coverage are required to be carried by law:

  • $50,000 Bodily Injury/ $100,000 for all Injuries
  • $25,000 for Property Damage
  • $2,000 MedPay coverage
  • $50,000 Uninsured Motorist coverage / $100,000 for all injuries

Maine has one of the highest mandatory liability coverage amounts in the U.S., but you can always add higher amounts for even greater protection if you choose. In addition optional car insurance is available.

Optional Car Insurance in Maine

Optional car insurance makes it easier to recoup from an accident. Several different types of policies can be added to the state-required policy for an additional cost. This includes:



Loan/Lease Gap Coverage

Rental Car Reimbursement

Cars that are financed through a dealership may be required to carry collision and comprehensive coverage although it is not required by the state. Talk to an insurance agent if you would like to know more about these types of optional insurance.

Factors Affecting Maine Car Insurance Rates?

If you were shocked to learn the cost of insurance varies so greatly from person to person and from company to company, you were not alone. Many people are unaware that several factors are used to determine the amount that you will pay for an auto insurance policy. Those factors include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Educational Background
  • Amount of Coverage
  • Type of Coverage
  • Type of Vehicle being Insured
  • City you reside
  • Driving history
  • Company that you insure with
  • Insurance history

These are only some of the various factors that can affect your auto insurance rate in Maine. It is always best to compare to ensure that you are getting the best policy and the lowest rates on your policy, whether you want only state-required coverage or something more. 

Maine Car Insurance Discounts

Before purchasing a Maine car insurance policy, learn how to save money on the cost of your policy. There are many ways to save, with discounts being one of the best. Numerous discounts can be used to reduce the cost of your car insurance payment. It is a good idea to ask about all available discounts before purchasing a policy. This gives you peace of mind that you’re getting your policy at the lowest possible rate. Some of the various discounts offered in Maine include:

  • Low Mileage vehicle discount
  • Multi-Policy
  • Multi-Car
  • Loyal Customer
  • Good Driver discounts
  • Defensive Driving discounts
  • The more discounts you use the more money you will save so do not miss the chance to cut your costs considerably.

Maine Car Insurance Quick Facts

Drivers pay an average of $1,388 per year to insure their vehicle in the state of Maine. Keep in mind that all of the factors listed above help determine your rate. You could pay more or less depending upon these factors. The best way to get the lowest auto insurance rates is to compare prices, use discounts, and follow all of the rules of the road to avoid tickets and accidents, which dramatically increase the amount you will spend for your policy.

Proof of auto insurance must be provided when registering a vehicle anywhere in the state. The same proof will also need to be shown when renewing the vehicle registration.

Keep proof of insurance inside of your vehicle at all times. An insurance card is usually provided by the insurance company, which serves as proof. This proof must be provided to any law enforcement officer upon request, and after an accident, whether at-fault or not.