West Virginia Car Insurance

West Virginia

West Virginia is a coal-mining state that has developed into a nature lover’s paradise. The state has more than 225,000 acres of parks, natural forests, mountains and more for the enjoyments of its residents and visitors. However, if you live in the state, venturing out upon these adventures won’t be easy if you aren’t carrying the state-required car insurance. You see, it is a crime to drive without mandatory amounts of auto insurance in West Virginia. Car insurance requirements are in place to keep you protected should you be involved in an accident. It is in your best interest to ensure that you always have the mandatory insurance in place at all times.

West Virginia Car Insurance Requirements

The legal car insurance requirements in West Virginia mandate that you carry a policy consisting of the following amounts of coverage:

  • Bodily Injury: $20,000/ $40,000
  • Property Damage: $10,000
  • Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist: $20,000/ $40,000

These amounts are low, so if you would like to add higher coverage, you can certainly do so. Additionally optional car insurance is available.

Optional Car Insurance in West Virginia

Some of the optional West Virginia auto insurance that you might be interested in includes:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Towing & labor
  • MedPay

If you would like to know more about optional car insurance talk to your insurance agent.

Factors Affecting West Virginia Car Insurance Rates

How do insurance companies determine the amount of your auto insurance policy? Several factors are used to determine that amount. These factors include:

  • Vehicle Type
  • Area in which you reside
  • Amount of Deducible
  • Age/ Gender
  • Marital Status/ Educational Background
  • Type of Policy/ Coverage Amount
  • Insurance History
  • Driving History

To ensure that your rates are as low as possible, first and foremost compare rates between companies because there can be considerable differences in the numbers. You can also save money on your policy by avoiding accidents and tickets and not allowing your auto insurance to lapse. Drivers in larger cities will also pay more for their coverage. If you are married and/or have a college degree, reduced rates can be yours.

West Virginia Auto Insurance Discounts

Before you purchase your state-required car insurance policy, make sure that you have taken advantage of at least a few of the many discounts available throughout the state. These discounts make it easy to reduce your car insurance coverage amounts considerably.   Potential discounts you may qualify for include:

  • Loyal Customer discounts
  • Multi-Policy discounts
  • Multi-Car discounts
  • Paid in Full discounts

You can save 5 to 40% on the cost of your coverage with these discounts.

West Virginia Car Insurance Quick Facts

A Certificate of Issuance is given upon payment of an insurance policy with the state required amounts of coverage in place. This certificate serves as your proof of coverage and must be kept inside of your vehicle at all times.  This certificate is also needed when registering or renewing registration on your vehicle.

Proof of insurance must be provided if you are pulled over for a traffic stop. It is also required to show proof of coverage after being involved in an auto accident.

Electronic insurance verification is available in the state of West Virginia. With electronic verification, your insurance status can be verified in seconds. It is the responsibility of your insurance agency to report your compliance with the car insurance laws in the state so that electronic verification can take place.

If you are found in violation of the car insurance laws in the state there are penalties that you will need to pay. Those penalties include suspension of your vehicle’s registration, a fine of $50, and reinstatement fees.