Teen Drivers

Teen Drivers

Of the 6 million car accidents occurring on U.S. highways each year, teen and young drivers 16 -19 are responsible for more than half of them. Thousands of fatalities result after these accidents, and even more injuries are reported. Teen drivers are young, fresh drivers who lack the experience of older drivers, thus make it riskier for everyone on the roadways.  If you are a teen driver or have one in your household, the following information might just change the way that you drive and the outcome of your life forever.

Teen Drivers pay more for Car Insurance

Since teens pose a higher risk of having an accident, car insurance companies label them high-risk drivers. Anyone who falls into this category will pay a considerable amount more for their car insurance coverage. Most teen drivers are simply added to their parent’s auto insurance plan, which saves money, but the cost is still considerably higher.

Good Grades Pay Off

Students who perform well in school are also better drivers, according to statistics. For this reason car insurance companies are willing to reward students who maintain a ‘B’ average or better. The discount, known as the ‘Good Grades’ discount is available in most states with most insurance companies. Typically the amount of the discount is between 5 and 15%.

Teach your Child how to Drive Responsibly

As a parent you have the chance to influence your teen’s driving behavior by showing them the proper ways to drive, following all rules of the road and being an overall safe driver. You can also offer you teen tips and advice for driving, and enroll them in defensive driving courses that can teach them valuable skills. Make sure that you are active in your child’s driving, and you’ll have better peace of mind while they are behind the wheel.

Carefully choose your Teen’s Car

Did you know that the type of vehicle that a teen drives impacts the way that he or she will drive? Statistics show that teens who are given sports cars, high performance cars and other high end vehicles, the need to ‘show–off supersedes anything else, and more accidents result.  Do not even put the temptation into your child’s mind, and refrain from these types of vehicles until they have gained driving experience.

Leave your Attitude Behind

Another shocking statistic: teens have attitudes, and those attitudes oftentimes cause accidents. This is not the time to have an attitude, since your life, and so many others, are in your hands. An automobile is not a toy, and should not be treated as such. Do not allow a bad day or a dream of partying cause an accident. Make sure that your bad attitude is left at the house before getting behind the wheel.

Driving Impaired is a Major No-No

Whether it is a drink of alcohol, a hit off a marijuana joint, or a prescription pill, if you decide to do it (and we certainly hope that you WON’T,) make sure that you do not get behind the wheel of an automobile with the intent to drive. You might not realize just how impaired you are before it is too late, and this is not a risk that you want to take. It takes very little alcohol or illegal substances to cause you’re driving abilities to become impaired. 

Put the Cell Phone Away

We know that hearing the latest and greatest info from your friends is life or death, but in this situation that could very well turn out to be literal. In many states it is illegal to text and drive. Make sure that you do not commit this crime because you could face a fine and also put yourself and others at risk. Also make sure that you do not take phone calls while you are driving. They can also be very distracting to the road. If you need to take a call, pull over and answer to call them back!

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